Only beautifully, artistic and unique desktop wallpapers from around the world! Kumpulan wallpaper unik dari seluruh dunia bisa Anda temukan di sini!

of course, there is many beautifull mac themed wallpaper around the internet. Here you can see some of it. Here it goes, more desktop wallpaper to beautify your mac or PC desktop ( only for mac / apple lover ). Just click thumbnails below to enlarge it. Credit goes to the original designer.

have fun! you can also download the wallpaper pack by using these link below
hotfile | ugotfile ( zip, 2MB )

looking for new wallpaper? may be you would like this one! four beautifull wallpapers plus the june 2009 calendar within it...

hope you like it. cheers! you can also download all of them here.

want to change your iPhone wallpaper? here you can found many wallpaper exclusively designed for iPhone screen resolution. There is 85 cool iPhone wallpaper selected by me. the source it self come from alliphonewallpaper.com. Click on thumbnails below to open the original image size.

or download the zipped file here: hotfile | ugotfile

have fun!

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